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The GuideOne Property Department has negotiated the best possible service level agreements to help support our agent and customers. ServiceMaster has agreed to adhere to these strict performance criteria when the proper request process has been followed. Some of these criteria include responding to any and all requests within 45 minutes and following all GuideOne Property Department protocol for communication, invoicing and standard procedures.

Some details of the program include:

  • Initial Customer contact – within 45 Minutes

  • Arrival on-site – within 4 Hours

  • Email adjuster photos - within 4 hours of the inspection

  • Start Job – within 1 hour of onsite arrival

  • Upload work authorization – within 24 hours of the inspection

  • Complete initial upload – within 24 hours of the inspection 

  • Complete job – within 3 days of project completion

  • Upload ATP/COS – within 24 hours of completion

  • Upload Final RDC – within 24 hours of completion

  • Upload Final Estimate – within 7 days of inspection

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