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Submitting property losses just became easier.

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The GuideOne Property Department and ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) have established this website to help simplify the process of requesting service for any emergency needs related to Fire, Water, Biohazard, Mold, Temporary board up and Roof covers for all GuideOne Commercial Customers. The I Guide You program has been in place for several years with great success. This website and the improved process will hopefully make submitting service requests simpler and less time-consuming.


Effective Immediately All GuideOne Customers or Agents can utilize this website to submit any service requests regardless of how small or large the need.  You can rest assured the request will be processed in the proper manner.

SRM Logo-01.png
SRM Logo-01.png
Program Details

The GuideOne Property Department and ServiceMaster Recovery Management has negotiated the best possible service level agreements to help support the GuideOne agents and customers. Through this program, you’ll receive preferred status to our array of services, resources and response capabilities.

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At ServiceMaster Recovery Management, we do whatever it takes to respond immediately, manage your recovery efficiently, and get you back in business fast. We bring together the strengths of a national network with unmatched resources and highly trained disaster recovery professionals to address the needs of businesses when they need our help the most.


SRM is the nation’s leading provider of immediate disaster relief. Our single mission is to get GuideOne customers back to business as quickly and safely as possible, no matter the size of the loss or where the loss is located. We service clients in all 50 states and has provided commercial disaster restoration services in more than 20 countries around the world.

Meet SRM

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